Department of Psychology,FGU

Name 林烘煜
Year Paper Title
2023 vol. 70, 1, pp. 33-53, 2023
2013 蔡秉勳, 林緯倫, 林烘煜, 心情對了,創意就來-情緒對發散性思考與頓悟問題解決的不同影響, 教育心理學報, vol. 第四十五卷, 第一期, pp. 19-38, Aug. 2013
2011 Lin, H.P., 林烘煜, 林緯倫, 黃智偉, Effects of stress, depression, and their interaction on heart rate, skin conductance, finger temperature, and respiratory rate: Sympathetic-parasympathetic hypothesis of stress and depression, Journal of Clinical Psychology, vol. 67, 10, pp. 1080-1091, Oct. 2011